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By Gethyn Ellis, 2010/12/30

I published a post yesterday where I listed my top 5 bloggers from the worldwide SQL community for 2010. The long and short of it, these were the people whose blog’s I had read the most throughout the year. There are many other great blogs and bloggers out there that I read regularly. When that post published and fed out to twitter it prompted a few people, whose blogs I do follow and value, to give me a bit of stick . Pretending to be  all hurt and upset. I won’t name any names (John Sansom Blog|@johnsansom) but it did get me thinking.

There are many great bloggers based here in the UK several of which were recently nominated in the annual blog awards for 2010 (a couple of us won in our categories too).  I realised that although I read many of these UK based blogs and several were considered for the top 5 bloggers 2010 post, none of them made my list! So having thought about it I decided to make my own UK specific list. I was going to go for the top 5 approach, but after a little more thought I decided to compose a list of all the UK based SQL blogs that I follow. This is my list to date (no particular order):

Undoubtedly I will have missed someone off that I should have included, and for that I am truly sorry. That little oversight on my part is easily rectified. Simply leave a comment on this post with the bloggers name, blog URL and twitter account (if one exists). I will then update this list and add you to my feed reader.

Go on then, who have I missed?

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