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Q1 - review

I didn’t post my professional goals for the year on my blog at the start of this year, my blog was new and I wasn’t sure that it was appropriate. Instead I made a written note in my paper based diary – I still keep one of those, not for managing my appointments or scheduling my time, I have an iPhone for that and it handles it just fine. I find it good for scribbling notes and ideas down when I don’t have my laptop or computer at hand, and if you do it properly it keeps a note of the date you wrote the notes too. Having read everybody else’s goals though,  I will definitely publish next years goals here at the end of this year.

One of the initial goals was to publish on my blog regularly…when I wrote that down and reviewed it I saw that this was not really a measurable target and I needed to put some numbers next to it to be able to measure it successfully. So I thought about and I aimed to post at least once preferably twice a week, every week. This would mean that I would have between 52 and 104 posts on my blog by the end of the year and thus gave me an measurable target. I have currently been going at around three a week, I did have a lot I wanted to write about and I got about six posts in front. Which I thought was great, but lately I have suffered a little from writers block, and although I have not run out of things to write about  they are all quite large subject areas so they will take a bit more effort and hence the frequency with which I publish may suffer. As it stands though I am on target to meet my initial target in terms of the number of posts

Another closely related goal was to improve readership and exposure of my blog, when I started this last year Google analytics and the feed burner stats told me that nobody was reading it. This can be disheartening. Through some help through SSC syndication and I managed to get a post on the home page recently too. This month I have had over 500 unique visitors so things are going in the right direction.

I want to learn more about power shell, I will try to post on the blog as I learn. I have one power shell post, mainly detailing resources that could be useful for learning the subject. I will get to these soon.

I’d like to read all the Chapters in my MVP deep dives book. I have read about a quarter of them thus far so I’m on course for that too.

I’ll post some more about this years goals/targets later in the year.


Posted by Jason Brimhall on 8 April 2010

Good work on your goals.  It is nice to read the progress that others have made.

Posted by Seth Phelabaum on 8 April 2010

The deep dives book is one of the ones I hope to get through this year as well.  

That's awesome to hear that you're up to 500 unique visitors already.  I haven't hit half that yet! =)

Feedburner is a bit misleading for me so far.  Subscribers tend to fluctuate all over the place.  I think it's closer if you post more regularly.  When I was posting less than once a week, it never showed any even though I knew a few people that said they were subscribed... and I had one myself for testing.

Posted by Gethyn Ellis on 9 April 2010

Thanks For the feedback

Seth, the feedburner stuff is a bit misleading and it does fluctuate a lot. The analytic stats have been more stable though and have shown steady growth. Integrating my feed with twitter, so when I post to my blog, I automatically twitter a link to it has definitely helped the traffic flow.

The tough thing for me now is not only keeping to the frequency of the posts but try and maintain a certain standard  of writing too...

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