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Christian lives in Guatemala. He has worked with Databases for about 12 years, at the beginning as a software developer and for the last 10 years as DBA. His expertise areas are Database migration, Performance tuning, Security of SQL Server and Designing and Implementing HA and DR environments. He has worked with SQL Server since version 2000. Passionate about SQL Server, Azure and joining to the Online SQL Server community. You can always find him on Twitter (@charaujo).

SQL Server 2008 end of support

2018 is about to end. In the case you didn't know or haven't heard, the extended support for SQL Server 2008 (and R2) reaches to an end in 2019.

This beloved version (lets be honest, is like windows XP for the database world) was launched on 8/6/2008, so that means…

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Posted in SQLDbaInternals on 21 December 2018

Tools to connect to a SQL database

Today I'm getting back to basics, whether you are new or veteran with the database engine you need a tool to get into, write queries, do some monitoring, tuning, etc.

If you have been using SQL for at least 5 years or any version older than SQL Server 2016 you…

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Posted in SQLDbaInternals on 27 June 2018

WSFC Lost Quorum votes due to network problem


Early in the morning I received emails requesting for support as the applications were failing to connect to one of the production servers that are configured with Always On, I asked for an specific error and the customer sent me this:

Error while updating the backup server list:…

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Posted in SQLDbaInternals on 5 June 2018

Script to review replications

This script is from my library and I use it to review what is going on with my transactional replications, try to remove statements that didn't get purged for whatever reason. This is my last resource before getting the need to reinitialize or drop and recreate my publications.

use distribution

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Posted in SQLDbaInternals on 18 April 2018

Offline installation of SQL Server 2017 on Linux

SQL Server is now compatible with different Linux distributions, and there is a lot of excitement about it.
How ever one of the main questions when ever you say SQL Server 2017 is now supported in Linux is, Have you test it? how do you install it?

By looking in…

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Posted in SQLDbaInternals on 28 February 2018

I've been chosen to speak at SQL Saturday Guatemala

I'm thrilled to announce that one of my proposals has been chosen to be presented in Guatemala's SQL Saturday that will be held on February 3rd at the Francisco Marroquin University (UFM).

If you will be in town and are an enthusiast of SQL Server, you should definitely plan to…

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Posted in SQLDbaInternals on 19 January 2018

Configure Always on AG with SQL 2017

One of the new features that we have with SQL 2017 is that you no longer need a Windows cluster to enable the AlwaysOn feature with SQL server (remember we discuss the requirements to configure that herethose are valid for versions 2012 to 2016) , if you want to…

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Posted in SQLDbaInternals on 4 December 2017

Create users in Azure AD

In this post I'll show you how to create new users in your Azure Active Directory so you can use them as service accounts or to grant other users to login to your Servers or services as well as how to enable them so you can use it, I didn't…

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Posted in SQLDbaInternals on 27 November 2017

Configure an Azure AD Domain Services

Problem: I was working on getting a demo on how to setup Always On with SQL Server 2017 without the need of creating a windows cluster, I had my two VM's in Azure and everything was working fine until the creation of the availability group, it failed and it was…

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Posted in SQLDbaInternals on 20 November 2017

Contained Databases setup

 Last weekI wrote about what is a contained database, the benefits and challenges, today as promised I'll show you how to setup one, how to configure a user and how to connect to it so let's get started.

Step 1
After logging in to your SQL Instance, go…

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Posted in SQLDbaInternals on 8 November 2017

Contained Databases

Today's post is in regards a feature that was released with SQL Server 2012, it hasn't gotten the attention or used that it deserves even when it helps solving a lot of problems you face when upgrading or migrating the database servers and is Contained databases.

What is a Contained…

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Posted in SQLDbaInternals on 1 November 2017

Configuring a Subscription to an Azure SQL

This is my first post where I utilize an hybrid cloud, item that I personally find very interesting and useful so expect more posts like this to come.

Microsoft Azure released at the beginning of this week the availability to add an Azure SQL database as a subscriber for a…

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Posted in SQLDbaInternals on 25 October 2017

Configuring a Transactional replication

This post is intended to show you all the steps you will need to follow when you setup a transactional replication, in fact the first 5 steps are one time only, assuming this is the first time you will be creating a publication in your database server, if you…

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Posted in SQLDbaInternals on 25 October 2017

What's new in SQL 2017

SQL Server 2017 became General Availability (GA) on 10/2, I've been sharing through the different social media channels the different features and enhancements included in this new version, however I want to consolidate in this posts most of those that you will be seeing in most of the production scenarios…

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Posted in SQLDbaInternals on 11 October 2017

Introduction to SQL Server Always On

Today I'll write with one of the features I like the most and is Always On. There will be two post of this subject, this first one is an overview of the changes it has gone through, benefits and the scenarios where you can get it implemented, the second will…

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Posted in SQLDbaInternals on 6 October 2017

Introduction to SQL Server replication

This time I'll talk about some basis with SQL Server replication, whether you need it for High availability (HA), Disaster Recovery (DR), load balance your applications or any other reasons, you have ever considered one of the different types of replication available with SQL Server, some of the components that…

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Posted in SQLDbaInternals on 3 October 2017

SQL Server database basics

So today I'll talk about some of the basic items for SQL server that helps to understand the reason of some performance recommendations. This first post will list and give an explanation of each of the components and later on will explain in detail how it works and what are…

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Posted in SQLDbaInternals on 16 September 2017

SQL Server Replication snapshot initialization taking long time to be applied

Hello all,
In today's post I want to share a tip that helped me troubleshoot an issue I was facing and couldn't find much documentation about it. To my friends that read and don't have much knowledge in databases, this entry will look like an estrange language but I promise…

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Posted in SQLDbaInternals on 25 August 2017

Training and tips to get certified with Microsoft (Part 4 and last)

In the previous posts I posted some questions that I usually get when we talk about getting certified with SQL Server also listed some resources you can use to train for each of the exams 70-764 and 70-765 with this post I want to close that series and answer the…

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Posted in SQLDbaInternals on 21 August 2017

Training and tips to get certified with Microsoft (Part 3)

Welcome back, thanks for keep on reading me, and for the ones who read for the first time, welcome.

With this third post I'll keep answering the question Where did you train? addressing in specific the topics for the exam 70-765 "Provisioning SQL Databases"

From both exams this was the…

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Posted in SQLDbaInternals on 11 August 2017

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