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SQL Server – Different Ways to Check Object Definition

sp_helptext is widely used for checking object definition in SQL Server. sp_helptext can be used to check definition of various database objects like Views, Stored Procedures and User Defined Functions.

There are two other options which can be used to retrieve object definition:

OBJECT_DEFINITION( object_id ) – is a built-in function. It can also retrieve definitions of CHECK/DEFAULT constraints

sys.sql_modules – is a catalog view which returns definitions of all modules in current database

Each of these can be used as follows:

USE [SqlAndMe]

sp_helptext 'MyProcedure'

-- Use OBJECT_ID() function to get object id

-- Use OBJECT_ID() function to get object id
SELECT    [definition]
FROM    sys.sql_modules
WHERE    object_id = OBJECT_ID('MyProcedure')

OBJECT_DEFINITION(object_id) and sys.sql_modules returns results as a single-line when in “Results to Grid” (Ctrl + D) mode. Switch to “Results to Text” (Ctrl + T) for formatted output which will include line breaks.

Hope This Helps!


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