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Archives: February 2013

SQL Server – Finding out Database creation time

Finding database creation time is simple if database has not been detached from server. You can find database creation time using below methods.

Using sp_helpdb:

You can find the creation time of database using sp_hepldb system procedure.

EXEC sp_helpdb 'SqlAndMe'


This will return database creation time along with other… Read more

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Posted in SQL and Me on 19 February 2013

SQL Server – Cycle Error Logs for SQL Server and SQL Server Agent

SQL Server error logs can fill up quickly, and when you are troubleshooting something you may need to go through huge log. However you can cycle the error log to manage the amount of log you need to go through. When you cycle error log the current log file is… Read more

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Posted in SQL and Me on 8 February 2013