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SQL Server – Powershell Excel to HTML

SQL Server, Powershell and Excel are a good mix . But saving to Powershell output to HTML is versatile – if requiring email attachments or publishing results to a web page .

 Any Powershell scripts using Excel as an end point can be converted to HTML with just a few lines of code.  Therefore you can keep the Powershell \  Excel code , and add some lines for HTML output.

 The convert process , creates well formatted HTML pages , ideal for reports.  Creating the reports in HTML makes them easier to read on my smartphone – which does a better job at web browsing rather than reading Excel


$xlHtml = 44
$omit = [type]::Missing
$Excel = New-Object -ComObject Excel.Application

--some activity e.g recordsets 
--would normally save Excel as :
--instead save the workbook as html



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