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sys.dm_os_loaded_modules  is a SQL Server OS Dynamic Management View (DMV).

When executing the t-sql statement below – a recordset is returned . I’ve included some output further down the page :

select file_version,product_version,company,[description] from sys.dm_os_loaded_modules  


I find this dmv useful when troubleshooting corruption .

An example , is to  check if there is any anti-virus module which is getting loaded in the SQL memory area. Normally , I’m looking for non-Microsoft Corporation modules .

Returns a row for each module loaded into the server address space.


2005.90:4340.0	9.0:4340.0	Microsoft Corporation	SQL Server Windows NT
5.2:3790.4789	5.2:3790.4789	Microsoft Corporation	NT Layer DLL
5.2:3790.4480	5.2:3790.4480	Microsoft Corporation	Windows NT BASE API Client DLL
8.0:50727.3053	8.0:50727.3053	Microsoft Corporation	Microsoft® C Runtime Library
7.0:3790.3959	6.1:8638.3959	Microsoft Corporation	Windows NT CRT DLL
8.0:50727.3053	8.0:50727.3053	Microsoft Corporation	Microsoft® C++ Runtime Library
5.2:3790.4455	5.2:3790.4455	Microsoft Corporation	Advanced Windows 32 Base API
5.2:3790.4759	5.2:3790.4759	Microsoft Corporation	Remote Procedure Call Runtime
5.2:3790.4530	5.2:3790.4530	Microsoft Corporation	Security Support Provider Interface
2005.90:4035.0	9.0:4035.0	Microsoft Corporation	SQLOS Hosting DLL

Author: Jack Vamvas (http://www.sqlserver-dba.com)


Posted by san1901 on 30 June 2015

Very informative. Excellent.

I have a question: I have Oracle stuff showing in the list. How do I get them out of the SQL memory? They are creating problems in the system.


Posted by SUBRAHMANYA HEDGE on 27 July 2016

You got any answer for this? We have a request to remove one such DLL from the address space....

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