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Printing the Report Parameters on SSRS


I'm surprised there isn't an option in the Report Manager for allowing you to include on the print out of the report the report parameters you used. If there is, someone please set me straight.
Quick background, this report I was working on is on SQL 2012, I'm not… Read more

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Posted in SQL Managed on 13 June 2013

Setup SSL Access to SSRS 2012 with Active Directory Certificate Services

The objective was to configure SSL access to a SQL 2012 Reporting Services server in Native Mode. The Certificate Issuer was a Certificate Authority created in the domain. On SSRS 2005 this was a piece of cake, go into IIS (version 7), double click on the Server Certificates icon and… Read more

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Posted in SQL Managed on 1 April 2013



About one year ago I had a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer come out to perform a health assessment on our SQL environment, what Microsoft calls… Read more

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Posted in SQL Managed on 12 March 2013

Three cheers for SQL 2012 Analysis Services

I had some sales reports that were running poorly on SQL 2005 Analysis Services. The information on the reports was mostly the same, it listed customers and the items they bought, or just items sold. The measures on the reports were all calculations. For a given date I needed to… Read more

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Posted in SQL Managed on 12 March 2013

SSRS Date Parameters for Cube Based Datasets

To have a ‘date picker’ report parameter on your SSRS reports the process works the same on all versions of SSRS from 2005 through 2012. When you add the Date dimension as a filter in Query Designer it creates a report parameter for you. But the report parameter has a… Read more

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Posted in SQL Managed on 7 February 2013

Microsoft Brings Back the Old Certification Acronyms MCSE and MCSA, starting with SQL Server


The new certification structure has been announced by Microsoft and the changes are rather broad and sweeping. MCITP is gone. In what appears to be an attempt to recapture the popularity of the MCSE acronym MCITP has been replaced with MCSE, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert. MCSA has also been… Read more

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Posted in SQL Managed on 12 April 2012

Installing SQL Server 2012 RC0 from an iPhone

Short version – Installed SQL Server 2012 RC0 onto a Server 2008 SP2 VM using an RDP connection from my iPhone with Wyse’s PocketCloud app…  Just to say I did it.

Long version – Hardware used: white box PC with an AMD 3800 processor (dual core, 2 Ghz).  Virtualization software… Read more

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Posted in SQL Managed on 27 November 2011

What's new for SQL Server 2012 courses from Microsoft

I tuned into the Third Thursday sessions for November and wanted to try boiling down the talks to what I thought were the most important takeaways.

The first was from Pete Harris about new SQL Server 2012 courses from Microsoft. Here are the highlights:

  • Five courses have been funded and…

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Posted in SQL Managed on 18 November 2011

A little planning would have gone a long way

I was doing a database server migration for a client this week that involved a local database server with Access front end.  And this was being kept in sync using merge replication with a database on a hosted, dedicated server that had a web front end. The client had originally… Read more

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Posted in SQL Managed on 7 October 2010

VMWare vSphere database maintenance

I recently did a VMWare/SAN assessment for a client.  The expressed reason, or the reason relayed to me (not always the same thing), was they wanted me to review their configuration for best practices and look for performance enhancement opportunities.  It was a multi-site SAN with close to a dozen… Read more

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Posted in SQL Managed on 6 October 2010

Starting a SQL Server Blog

This is day one of my SQL Server blog so I’m not looking to write anything deep or insightful or even useful to the community at large.  I just want to get my feet wet, make sure I know the basic mechanics of how this works, and leave wow’ing people… Read more

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Posted in SQL Managed on 27 February 2010