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In which we compare CISPA to Rick Astley

Wherever you click, either CISPA or Rick Astley is there…

I’m studying up on CISPA for a segment on our webshow.  Even though you’ve heard CISPA and SOPA and PIPA and online privacy so many times it’s like an audible, political Rickroll….even so, you should give a great big rat’s ass.

Here is the cliff’s notes version of why:

  1. The constitution says your stuff can’t be searched or taken by the government, without a proper warrant.
  2. That’s good, because even if you’re an angel, your life shouldn’t be subject to scrutiny at a whim. Privacy matters.
  3. As it stands, CISPA would not only allow, but ENCOURAGE, private companies to give all your data to the government.
  4. The international intelligence agency side of the government, included.
  5. And with very few (if any) restrictions, or even definitions.
  6. That’s bad.
  7. Go* to https://cyberspying.eff.org/ and take a couple of clicks to email your representatives.

*Feel free to read up more, first.

Want to read more about it?

Here are some outstanding sources:

Happy days,
Jen McCown

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