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23 Pieces of News and Fluffery (Feb 9-15)

By Jen McCown, 2013/02/15

I have a news segment on DBAs@Midnight (our live weekly webshow, tune in tonight at 11pm Central time), but there’s no way I can get to everything that’s happened in the last few days! So, here’s your weekly news update.

Actual News

CISPA is back, as I mentioned on Tuesday.

@MidnightDBA: Great. CISPA 2 be reintroduced tomorrow, & the President’s talking about executive orders re: web privacy. Time to pay attention again.

@whitehouse President Obama: “Earlier today, I signed a new executive order that will strengthen our cyber defenses.” #SOTU

The State of the Union happened Wednesday. Many things were covered, but we noted that technology got a lot of air time from the President. GOOD! (Here is Scientific American’s coverage of the SOTU tech points.) What you might NOT know is that on Thursday there was a STEM State of the Union.

@datachick If anyone has doubted that 2013 is going to be the year of the nerd, you lost. #SOTU

@hmason  Twitter is like MST3K for everything. #sotu

Bill Gates did an AMA on Reddit this week @slashdot Bill Gates talks databases, open software on Reddit AMA (SlashCloud)

Good Reads

Products and Events

Fluffery, Etc.

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