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Live note-taking: Sean’s NCC-1701-DBA part 2


Note that THIS talk, and a ton more, is the subject of Sean’s  precon at SQL Saturday #163 Dallas this fall.

We can’t really livecast Sean’s session, so I’ll live note-take.

Tonight’s session is on being able to answer questions before they’re asked.



Growth Projection SP

Enterprise! (Make end user reports)

Q: You could fold in department names and business units for chargebacks!
A: Yep.

Caveat: be aware that users WILL misread your report, no matter how pretty it is.

What else can you do with the growth projection?

Q: Do you have a “before you bother me” list?
A: Yeah! Acutally I put a link to the report in the ticket.

Side note: ReplicationLatency DBA Report

This clearly has a separate collector, not yet shown.

Q: What kind of interval do you collect on for someting like this?
A: It depends on the importance of the application. For my gold boxes, I do once per minute – granularity is important. For other boxes, usually 5 minutes.

What else are these reports good for?

Server Role Members Report

More POSH scripts


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