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Content is King: Great (paraphrased) advice from TheOatmeal.com

TheOatmeal.com has provided the absolute best counsel regarding creativity vs marketing. The comic I’m talking about is entitled “How to get More Likes on Facebook“, but the advice applies to absolutely everything we do. For example:

  • Panel 1, 2, & 4: Over-pimping your blog, product, or session (in any way) is deeply annoying. It turns people off of your blog, product, or session (ref. panel 4).
  • Panel 3: Don’t be desperate in interviews. It’s deeply unattractive.
  • Remainder: Whether it’s making friends, picking up dates, professional networking, or self-promotion, content is king. Marketing, while valuable, is largely useless at the end of the day if it’s for something insubstatnial.

Now: go do things.  It makes you a more interesting and attractive person / professional / brand.

Edit: For more on building success and content as king, see John Scalzi’s blog post about Amanda Palmer’s $450k Kickstarter success.

Happy days,
Jen McCown

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