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SQL Tribal Knowledge

By Jen McCown, 2011/11/01

Calling all unpublished* SQL Server folk!

I’m now accepting abstracts for a new project we’re putting together – a community-written book of tribal SQL Server knowledge.


The general theme I’m proposing is “write about the thing that a DBA should really know.”  This can encompass everything from the SQL social circle, to HTML, to career building, to backups and partitioning and DR and code reviews and whatever else. 


I’m putting this together to showcase first time authors – which, by the way, means that I can’t contribute a chapter! To qualify:

Bloggers are of course welcome. If in doubt, just ask me.


We’re currently working on options for publication. We might have a benefactor (I’m talking to one particular publisher-who-is-awesome about their interest right now), or we might end up just publishing this as a free eBook. Right now, there’s no telling.

In short: You shouldn’t expect to get rich off of this book.  (Hear all the published techies laughing? No one gets rich off of tech books…)


So!  Let it begin: Email me at"> with the subject “Tribal Knowledge Abstract”…give me 1 to 5 of your best ideas – something you can write an 8 to 12 page chapter on.  If you know of someone else who might qualify and be interested, please send them this link!

Happy days,
Jen McCown

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