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Archives: November 2011

Convince me to read books (WHERE LEN(argument)

While you wait for my awesome upcoming blog on data exception notification with SSRS, let’s pursue a whim of mine.

I want your techie book recommendations. Write me a tweet @MidnightDBA, or in the comments below, that compels me to read your book of choice. (Yes, you can recommend… Read more

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Posted in SQL Awesomesauce on 30 November 2011

Stop SOPA…it already happened in Denmark #StopSOPA

I put out the call to stop SOPA, and one Twitter friend wrote back:

Good luck! We have it in Denmark. First blocking chi1d pr0n, then pharmaceuticals, & now Grooveshark.

I asked if he wouldn’t mind writing up a little bit more on that, and he complied. Thanks, Internet Friend… Read more

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Posted in SQL Awesomesauce on 16 November 2011

Un-SQL Friday: Stop SOPA!

This will be an unusually political Un-SQL Friday – and it’s two days early, to boot – but I’m making an exception to my no-politics-in-SQL rule – because it’s about internet freedoms.

I hereby declare this WEDNESDAY Un-SQL Friday. While T-SQL Tuesday is “…the SQL Server blogosphere’s first recurring,…

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Posted in SQL Awesomesauce on 15 November 2011

Another reason that T-SQL beats the GUI

In IT, we have a few very solid and universal principles that no one ever argues with.  The first of these is Cover Your Ass (CYA). CYA is so universal and popular because things go wrong, blame gets thrown, and DBAs find themselves under a metaphorical bus.  Nobody likes the… Read more

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Posted in SQL Awesomesauce on 14 November 2011

Things I Favorited on Twitter (a weekly wrapup, of sorts)

Each Friday on @Midnight">DBAs@Midnight (my live weekly webshow, 11pm CST at webshow.MidnightDBA.com!) I don’t feel like I have enough time for my Twitter Favorites List segment. This week I realized…hey! I have a blog!  So here’s your weekly Tweet-wrapup.

SQL and Tech blogs

@RachelAppel: Blogged: Stats, data, and… Read more

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Posted in SQL Awesomesauce on 4 November 2011

SQL Tribal Knowledge

Calling all unpublished* SQL Server folk!

I’m now accepting abstracts for a new project we’re putting together – a community-written book of tribal SQL Server knowledge.


The general theme I’m proposing is “write about the thing that a DBA should really know.”  This can encompass everything from… Read more

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Posted in SQL Awesomesauce on 1 November 2011