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Un-SQL Friday #006: Living in the Intertubez

We’ve had some BIG fun this week, relatively speaking, with #SQLSue and #SQLIdiot and just general #SQLcraziness. We’ve had several blogs out already, including my Rat Sues Corn! … and Why I Feed Trolls, Jorge Segarra’s heartfelt We Are Community, and Steve Jones’ Is my blog infringing on anything? 

Meanwhile, Redgate’s space on the web - from DBAInSpace.com, to the new SQLServerCentral.com background, to the hilarious Developer in Hull promo - is a virtual rave-slash-nerdgasm.  Even last week, when a bunch of us were at the PASS Summit, we lived a large percentage of our lives online in tweetups and live blogs.

But why should we have all the fun? Here comes Un-SQL Friday!

I hereby declare this Friday Un-SQL Friday. While T-SQL Tuesday is “…the SQL Server blogosphere’s first recurring, revolving blog party….on the chosen [SQL-related] topic,” UN-SQL Friday is a completely intermittent blog party about something SQL-adjacent.

Read this blog, and then write whatever you want about Living on the Intertubez. Be sure to mention in your blog that you’re writing for Un-SQL Friday, and link to this post. Oh, and have it up any time before midnight on Tuesday, October 25. Extra credit if you get your submission in ON Friday…an A+ gets you an imaginary virtual gold star!

I know the topic is wide, wide open…that’s good. You get to write about whatever strikes you, be it community/SQLFamily, trollz, accusations, netiquette, or anything else that you feel fits into the topic.

Have at it!
-Jen McCown


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