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PASS First Timers Guide

By Jen McCown, 2011/09/17

Hi there ho there everybody! I am now a Big Sister Fearless Leader of a group of PASS Summit first timers! This is the page wherein I record all of my sage advice and such for them, and for any other first timer who wishes to come around.  I will continue to update this page all the up to (and probably through) the PASS Summit in October, so check back for updates.

And as always, please leave comments and questions below.


Power and connectivity:


Can you share some info on the format of the sessions (is it all powerpoint? / are hard or soft copies provided? / is it common for folks to take laptops into the sessions for note-taking? ). 


Do you know if they publish names of attendees anywhere to facilitate networking?  Yep, here on the Summit Who’s Coming page.

Also, see “Get on Twitter”, above.


The PASS Summit website contains lots of good info, including session abstracts, speaker bios, a schedule builder, social events, attendee list, and more.

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