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Applied SQL: Server Side Traces

By Jen McCown, 2011/08/29

It’s time to get your server side trace on, with a little practical application!

I introduce this whole concept in Applied SQL: You Have Homework. Find all assignments on the Applied SQL page.

Prerequisites: basic T-SQL, basic experience with SQL Profiler


Level 1 Assignments: Generate the script for a server side trace.

[1-1] Generate the script using these options:

[1-2] Open the script and add these queries to the bottom, commented out:

Level 2 Assignment: Edit the script.

[2-1] Open the generated script and make these edits: 

[2-2] Find and comment out all the code that adds tracing for the “SQL:BatchCompleted” event.

Bonus points: Post your scripts (or a link to them) in the comments below, just to show off that you did it.

Double bonus points: Do you think we should’ve done something more here? Post a related assignment of your own in the comments, and I’ll see how I do

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