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SQL Saturday 63 Dallas: EPICITY

By Jen McCown, 2011/04/01

SQL Saturday 63 Dallas. Will. Be. Epic.

Here are my proofs:

The Schedule. Note the gelato breaks. It is impossible to get more epic than gelato breaks.

The speaker lineup.  Reference The Schedule, please.

David Stein’s 11am session, which is entitled “T-SQL Programming to survive a Zombie Database“  Holy shinola, the epic is in your face.

Sean McCown’s  2:45 session (into which you will carry your gelato), entitled “How to curse in an interview“.  We will broadcast this epic, epic, entirely NSFW session on our Ustream channel. But your head may explode. Or you might throw up. Hard to tell, but either way? Epic. 

I’m also presenting an 8:30am “I’ve-never-heard-of-SQL-Server-what-is-it?” overview session, which may or may not be epic, depending on the number of attendees (i.e., over or under 1?)  Actually, if no one shows? Still epic.

For discussion, preview, and a special live audience, tune in to DBAS@Midnight tonight at 11pm CST (10:30pm for the preshow). Or attend in person!

EPIC days,
Jen Mc-Epic-Cown

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