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Not Cool Enough for Firefox

By Jen McCown, 2011/03/22

I’m pretty consistently behind the curve on most things. It took three years for me to get into The Office and American Idol.  Serenity was already made and on DVD before I was introduced to Firefly. And it’s taken me until now – 2011 – to notice The Cure (I know, I know!  Told you.)

RIP, NNIn short, I’m not what you’d call “cool”, even by geek standards.

I finally gave up on Netscape Navigator (again, I know, I know!!) sometime in the late 90s, and went with IE. But I’ve been hearing about FireFox and Chrome for what now seems like a gajillionty years. I’m finally taking this opportunity to ask: What’s so great about FF or Chrome that you’re willing to go out and install it specifically instead of using the browser that COMES with Windows? (Which I presume a majority of you use, being SQL people.)

IE has bookmarks. And security settings. And as of a couple of versions ago, tabs, and the ability to bookmark and call up groups of tabs. It has a bunch of stuff I don’t use, and the ability to turn off the annoying stuff. And it’s already on everything  I own.

So, explain it to me. And while you’re thinking, enjoy this topical video that’s entertained my kids for five years now.

Happy days,
Jen McCown, Soooper Geeeeenius

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