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The results are in: What Tech Companies Are Doing it Right?

By Jen McCown, 2011/02/14

Last week I asked you: What Tech Companies Are Doing it Right?

Which SQL (or SQL-adjacent) tech companies are doing right, either by product, by promotions, or by people?

I threw together a poll and kept to my very persnickity rules:

May I have the ballot, please…

We had three major standouts in this crowd.

Redgate Software came in third place, with a total of over 15% of all votes (remember, each person could vote for more than one).

SQLSkills consulting took second place, with 22% of the voting pool.

And in first place stands SQL Sentry, at 24% of the votes.

What Tech Companies Are Doing it Right? Your votes...

Honorable mentions for being nominated go to:

Now, maybe the tech company you adore isn’t on the list.  Maybe it is, and it didn’t make it high enough for your taste. I suggest (in honor of Valentine’s Day) that you Show Some Love this week by participating in Un-SQL Friday #003.  I’ll see you there!

Thanks for playing,
Jen McCown

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