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RTFM365, Weeks 8-9

By Jen McCown, 2011/02/07

I’m not gonna lie to you, Marge…I haven’t exactly been keeping up with the RTFM365. And when I have read, I haven’t noted down what I read.  As it turns out, it’s really, really hard to do something every single day for a year.  Or even, say, for two months, which is about how long this project has been going on.  I don’t know how people do 365 projects…but I’m going to keep trying, keep coming back to it.


For the next year (minus 9 weeks now), I will continue to try to read from SQL Server Books Online a little every day, and blog about it weekly. Follow along with the series via the RTFM365 tag

Reading this week was in SQL Server 2008 Books Online unless otherwise noted. Please note: I’m exploring BOL and learning a little each day; I’m not here to read it to you or review it.  

What I Read Learned

I read more than I’ll note here…I just want to document a few noteworthy items I picked up along the way.

Database Engine > Technical Reference > Transact-SQL Reference > Functions > System Statistical Functions

 Designing and Implementing Packages (Integration Services) > Designing and Implementing Packages Tutorials > Tutorial: Creating a Simple ETL Package >Lesson 1: Creating the Project and Basic Package

Understanding the Components of an Integration Services Package > Data Flow Elements > Integration Services Sources > Flat File Source

Designing and Implementing Packages (Integration Services) > Working with Data in Data Flows > Parsing Data >Fast Parse

Operators (SSIS) > Cast (SSIS)

Designing and Implementing Packages (Integration Services) > Working with Data in Data Flows >Integration Services Data Types

-Jen McCown

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