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Un-SQL Friday #002 Roundup (finally)

The invitation for Un-SQL Friday #002 (Tech Giants) was, like, a week ago! I’ve gotta get this train a-rollin, or we won’t ever read all the awesomeness you guys had to say about your techie heroes!  Before we get started, I have to say that I’m VERY pleased with John Sterrett‘s contribution, because he said something I was thinking of, myself:

How the heck are none of these guys a Microsoft MVP? This almost makes me question the MVP program. I am going to do my part in correcting this by nominating them at the Microsoft MVP site.

HELLS YES!!  If you admire someone who really kicks it and gives back to the community, for the love of Codd, nominate them for MVP!  Thanks John!

Here goes…

Eric Wisdahl is “very emotional about the topic at hand. I am constantly fighting between being star struck and knowing that other members of the SQL Community whom I admire are just normal people.” Been there, man. Eric talks a bit more about how awesome SQL people are – and make no mistake, we are, dudes – and then lists about a thousandy people. Wow!

Noel McKinney‘s blog was so awesome, I read it on DBAs at Midnight last week (see show preview). He talks about his nontech mentors, and relates them to his tech heroes. #3 is Sean’s, too.

Bob Pusateri decided to “tell you about my tech giant about everything that’s not related to computers, my father.”  I love the love, man…

Robert Cook makes a good point: “It is easy to show SQL Server folks appreciation because we interact with them person-to-person.  What about SQL Server institutions? Don’t they deserve a little love?”  Absolutely!

JE Bacani titled his post Your Tech Giants … Or “They Might Be Giants”. Instant bonus points! He writes about “two SQL Server Professionals I met in 2010 that I would say exhibit ‘giant-like’ qualities”: Jose Chinchilla (Blog, Twitter) and Patrick LeBlanc (Blog, Twitter)…two guys who definitely deserve a little Un-SQL Friday love.

Lady Runa, as she is known online, says “The “SQL Gurus” are the ones who wrote the books I’m buying or actually worked on making SQL server what it is today.” She has her list ready-made!

Matt Velic thinks the “fun part about Jen’s question is that she specifically stated that we can’t say everyone. Which is how I feel at times…” Yeah, him and me both! I really enjoyed this post, and not just because Matt named me specifically :)   Write on!

John Sterrett is “using this venue as an opportunity to say thanks to a bunch of people who have helped become who I am today.”  He also talks about other giants, including TomLaRock (blog, Twitter) his mentor. Big kudos to both of you…mentoring is a nearly forgotten practice.

Airborne Geek is also singing my song: “I spend too much time comparing myself to all of these great people who have awesome jobs… and can answer really gnarly questions about SQL’s Storage Engine off the top of their heads … and some days I let it get me down.” I tell ya man, I am right there with you.  Thus, this Un-SQL Friday. And he gave us THE nicest shout-out:

Oh, and Jen & Sean (site | @MidnightDBA) for always being willing to be at least somewhat “inappropriate” in what seems some days like a sea of over-the-top political correctness Professionalism

Nic Cain tweeted twelve (TWELVE!) names when I first posed the Tech Giants question on Twitter, and he has a little something to say about each one. What’s more, “I currently have 65 SQL bloggers in my RSS reader. Each one of them at one time or another has made me feel like a tech poser.”  See man, this is why I quit interacting with the outside world…

Thanks for playing, everybody!  (Those of you who gave me or Sean mad props, double thanks, and your check is in the mail.)




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