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RTFM365, Week 7

[Commence whine-a-thon, thinly veiled as an introductory paragraph to a blog.]

As I knew it would, it is getting VERY difficult to keep on a daily reading regimen. It’s not because I’m bored with the project – not at all. If anything, I wish I had moretime to read. This is the leadup week to SQL Saturday #57 Houston, and most of my mental energy (left over from work and kids and life in general) goes to my session rewrite and finalization.  Okay, okay…and I also have a chronic problem with consistency. 

[End of whine-a-thon.]

It’s really become a pleasure to have some set time for reading on weekdays, though. 


For the next year (minus 7 weeks now), I will read from SQL Server Books Online a little every day, and blog about it weekly. See my RTFM365 post for the full details on this project, and follow along with the series via the RTFM365 tag

Reading this week was in SQL Server 2008 R2 Books Online unless otherwise noted. Please note: I’m exploring BOL and learning a little each day; I’m not here to read it to you or review it.  

What I Read

I’m keeping mostly to one section, “Elements of Transact-SQL” (DB Engine > Development > Querying and Changing Data > Accessing and Changing Database Data > Elements of Transact-SQL). Specifically, I’m continuing the Data Types:

I also read up more on mirroring (for work): Database Engine > Operations > High Availability > Database Mirroring >Database Mirroring Deployment > Setting Up Database Mirroring.

The other big problem is that I’m not writing down exactly what sections I’m reading! I pledge to do better this week, O my people.  In the meantime: Read any good BOL lately?

-Jen McCown


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