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Who do you want to see at SQLRally and 24HOP?

By Jen McCown, 2011/01/19

I dig democracy: I like all this voting for SQL sessions at events.

Voting is open this week, Jan17 – 23, for SQLRally Database & Application Development sessions!  Take a look at the SQLRally session list, and cast your vote today!

Voting is ALSO open, until January 24, for the March 15-16 24Hours of PASS event. Read over the abstract descriptions, and cast your vote today!

 I have two sessions up for SQLRally consideration this week, in the Spotlight section. And I have two sessions in consideration for 24HOP:

T-SQL Brush-up: The Best Things You Forgot You Knew About SQL Code (SQLRally)

This session had the most attendees of any 24HOP 2010 fall session!

Speaker: Jennifer McCown

Category: Summit Spotlight

Level: 200

Abstract: You’re a good SQL professional – you attend conferences and webinars, you read articles and books, you know your way around SQL Server. But sometimes – just SOMEtimes – some piece of T-SQL slips by you unnoticed, or falls out of memory. Come and revisit old favorites, and brush up on new T-SQL features and enhancements like MERGE, OVER, and PARTITION BY. This session is chock full of code examples, including before-and-after demos and how-to illustrations.

Session Goals

T-SQL Code Sins: The Worst Things We Do to Code, and Why (SQLRally and 24HOP)

This one is a SQL Saturday favorite.

Speaker: Jennifer McCown

Category: Summit Spotlight

Level: 200

Abstract: It’s impossible to follow every best practice all the time. “Code sins” are those things we do to our code that are either so horrendous that they can’t be borne, or that have such tremendous consequences that your stored procedures wish they’d never been created. Attendees will hear about the most common code sins that make code difficult to read, support, run and extend, and practical strategies for reversing the trend.

Session Goals

The T-SQL White Belt (24HOP)

This is a new session I hope to give this year!

 Presenter: Jennifer McCown

Session Details 

If you work with SQL Server at all, you need to know Transact-SQL, the SQL Server programming language. During this session, we’ll design and create our own table to demonstrate key concepts, query syntax, and more. If you’ve been meaning to learn T-SQL, here’s your chance!

 If you like my abstracts, vote for me! (Uh, if not, then vote for somebody else. :)

Happy days,
Jen McCown

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