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Top 10 SQL #Awesomesauce for 2010

Here at MidnightDBA.com, we’re all about you! And us!  It’s just us, and you. Which is why I’ve put together the top 10 SQL Awesomesauce blogs of 2010 – by me, for you! (Note that I only put the hit counters in place sometime in July, so this is more like the top 10 for the second half of 2010, but….we’ll just ignore that.)

Without further ado, here’s the stuff you liked best!

10. Attend the PASS Summit From Home

This truly was the best idea, evar! Or at least, the 1oth best idea evar. Lots of you couldn’t attend the 2010 PASS Summit, so we did our best to bring it home to you.  We livecast the MidnightDBA Groupiesmeetup, Sean’s Birds of a Feather lunch talk, our Friday DBAs at Midnight webshow, and linked to all the PASS-y goodness we could get our hands on. I really enjoyed doing this, and more than a few of you apparently followed along at home. EXCELLENT times.

9. Forgotten T-SQL Cheat Sheet

The idea of forgotten T-SQL rings true with more than a few of you, convincing me a that I’m not the only absentminded DBA out there (but, I’m getting ahead of myself here). This companion cheat sheet to my Forgotten T-SQL session is tres populaire, and imminently downloadable.

8. 24HOP Session: Forgotten T-SQL

I’m still stunned and delighted that my Forgotten T-SQL session during 24Hours of PASS fall 2010 was the best attended session of the event.  About a half a gazillion people hit this blog for follow up comments, downloads, and the recording.

7. Rats in the Corn again, Paw!

This was a very brief and off-the-cuff blog because we’d run into another plagiarizer. After the initial fiasco (see our four-part webshow entitled Plagarism for more on that), I felt that we might need a rallying point to keep things sane, but moving.  And all ended well!

6. You Earn More Than I Do

Man, can I title a blog post, or what? Seriously though, I’ve done a lot of thinking and writing about Women in Technologyissues this year. This particular post received a lot of hits due largely to the linkback from the SQLServerCentral conversation about my SSC editorial, Why are we still talking about Women in Tech? 

5. Branding, my ass! (Un-SQL Friday 001)

Again, I gotta revel in my titling prowess. The Un-SQL Friday concept that I ripped off from Adam Machanic put together was really popular, and really fun.

4. About

A bunch of you have looked to find out more about me. Cool!

3. Script SQL Objects with Powershell

The truly great thing about being married to a SQL Server MVP is that I get to piggyback onto a lot of things that he’s already done – in large part, because Sean is too lazy to do it himself. It’s a win-win scenario. This particular post was a companion piece to Sean’s Scripting DB Objects in PowerShell video; I wrote down the code and expanded on what he’d done a tiny bit. It’s not stealing if I have permission – it’s coauthoring!

2. Un-SQL Friday 001: Branding

The Un-SQL invitation made it to #2! I’m going to have to do another of these soon, since this was such a hit.

1. T-SQL for the Absentminded DBA

I love it. The number one highest hit blog post of all time (er, for the last 6 months) is an admission of what a complete ditz I am. I take comfort in the idea that you’re all right there with me.  I’d also like to note that I myself have gone back to this article several times (no, not enough to rig the numbers…the counter ignores my visits) to pull up the sheet again, as I switch computers or offices.

Thank you very much for reading. This blog would be fulfilling to me if no one read it, because it’s useful for me as a reference and for writing practice. But knowing that you’re coming along for the ride means quite a lot to me. It means I’m making a small difference, and that’s a really big deal.

Happy, happy days…
Jen McCown

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Posted by Anonymous on 10 January 2011

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