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2010 PASS Summit Interviews

By Jen McCown, 2010/12/30

It’s entirely fair to say that the highlight of my professional year is the PASS Summit in Seattle, and the highlight of the Summit is the recorded interviews we do each year (starting in 2009).

The way we pick interviews is, we say “Who do we like, and/or is really cool, and/or would like to meet, and/or needs to be more publicized to the SQL community because they’re so awesome?” And then we have to whittle this very extensive list way, way down to fit our time constraints for that week.

Here are the people that (a) we couldn’t live without talking to at the Summit in 2010, and (b) had time for us.

All of these, plus our regular weekly DBAs at Midnight shows, are on (see also Season 1).

Adam Machanic Has Soft Hands

Steve Jones in the House!!

The Mark Souza Sandwich

Denny ‘Five Fingers’ Cherry

Grant Fritchey is our Hero

Don Gill

To be published…

Bonus DBAs at Midnight episode “Merkin Glue” at SQLPASS, with Nic Cain

Double bonus: The Interviews from 2009:

Happy days!
Jen McCown

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