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All Things Awesome and MidnightDBA-y – 12/9/2010

By Jen McCown, 2010/12/13

Here’s the rundown of what we were up to last week

Friday night at 11pm CST we present another wildly appealing episode of DBAs at Midnight. Log on at 10:30pm 12/17/2010 for the preshow.


Articles: No new articles on this week, but you should read Sean’s How to Plan SQL Server Database Files


Car Talk: Our featured car talk (where Sean talks about database stuff in his car) this week: Change Controls: Part 1. We also filmed a brand-new 2 minute reel of Sean Explaining the Cloud.

Tech videos: No new ones this week. Take a look at Schemas: Ownership Chaining and Schema Ownership 

Tweet: Me (to SSRS preview): YOU, sir, are a liar and a fraud!!! No, wait, you must be caching the dataset. *refresh* #WIN #WIN #WIN


Blogs: On SQL Awesomesauce: 24HOP Needs Women!, Spotlight: Jes Borland, and RTFM65 Week 1

Interviews: This week we feature our PASS 2010 interview with Denny Cherry (blog, Twitter), “Denny ‘Five Fingers’ Cherry“.

Podcast: I continue season 2 of the MidnightDBA Blogcast, with the podcast MidnightDBA Blogcast 2.02 – RTFM365.

Webshow: We were supposed to releas the DBAs at Midnight webshow (#2.14) last week, but we’re behind. Sean’s catching up now. See show notes on the Groupies page for all Season 2 show notes. Preview the upcoming webshows on Our YouTube Channel.


24HOP WIT is scheduled for 3/15-16/2011. Abstracts should be sent to by Jan 14, 2011.

Abstracts for SQL Saturday #57 Houston are due by the end of the year. The event itself is January 29!

The January NTSSUG meeting will feature class 1 of Sean’s new series, “The Best Backup Class Evar!!” And Tom LaRock will present ”Waits and Queues and YOU!” 


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