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All Things Awesome and MidnightDBA-y – 12/2/2010

By Jen McCown, 2010/12/02

I’ve got to figure out a good way to present a regular summary of what we do every week. Until I come up with a good idea, I’ll just post it here weekly.

Tomorrow (Friday) night at 11pm CST we present another stunning episode of DBAs at Midnight, this time featuring a Surprise Guest of Awesome, who has agreed to wear pants!  That should narrow down your guesses a tad. Okay, I’ll tell: It’s newly Texanized Eric Humphreys, @Lotsahelp on Twitter!  Log on at 10:30pm for the preshow:


Articles: New on are two of my articles: SQL Server Reporting Services: An Introduction and How to Create and Edit a Report in SQL Server Reporting Services

Car Talk: Our featured car talk (where Sean talks about database stuff in his car) this week: Managing your environment with DNS.

Groupies: We asked for Groupie help with the format of MP3 study drills.

Tech videos: Sean recently released two new tech videos, Audit Service Accounts with Powershell and Monitor Backups with Powershell.


Blogs: I wrote Holiday Review: Stuff I <3 as a sort of mini-gadget (and suchlike) review for the holidays. I also wrote my project kickoff blog post, RTFM365, wherein I detail my love of BOL and my committment to being called “Pinal” for an entire year. (Please, not you too.)  I’ll have my first weekly RTFM365 sum-up published tomorrow…you can follow along with this blog series via the RTFM365 tag.

Interviews: This week we feature our PASS 2010 interview with Grant Fritchey (blog, Twitter), “Grant Fritchey is Our Hero“.

Podcast: I also started season 2 of the MidnightDBA Blogcast, with the podcast “MidnightDBA Blogcast 2.01 – What’s new in Denali“.

Webshow: This week we released the DBAs at Midnight webshow (#2.13) entitled “Turn the Damn Camera” (URL, preview). See show notes on the Groupies pageLast week we had a Thanksgiving webshow (preview on YouTube) where we appeared in our robes.


SQLRally is scheduled for May 11-13, 2011. Abstracts are due December 15 (that’s less than two weeks away, kids!) Register early for special pricing.

24HOP WIT is scheduled for 3/15-16/2011. Abstracts should be sent to by Jan 14, 2011.

Upcoming SQL Saturdays:

The next NTSSUGmeeting will be Thursday, January 20th, 2011. This meeting sees the return of Sean’s Awesome 6 Month Class of Awesome!…and it will be on backups.  You do NOT want to miss it.  Oh, and some guy named “Tom LaRock” (blog, Twitter)  of Confio  will be presenting, too… :)   


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