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Holiday Review: Stuff I

By Jen McCown, 2010/11/24

For the last two years, I’ve participated in Sean’s InfoWorld Xmas Wish List, where we review a bunch of cool products and it’s all spiffy.  Sean has moved on from IW, and I’m not entirely sure we’re going to knock out a full review list this year.  So, here are a few things I’ve used and loved, or would like, or am in the process of getting. Enjoy!

I <3 Netbook

First, the netbook on which I’m typing this review: my HP Mini 5101. I. Love. This. Netbook.  It’s the business class, so it has “lightweight metal case with a magnesium base” (very important, as I’m extremely hard on gadgets; see pix), 2Gb, 3 USB 2.0, 1 external VGA monitor, SD/MMC slot, and most importantly, a 95% full-size chicklet keyboard. These are the things that are important to me…go look at the specs on the HP site to see if it has what’s important to you. Here’s my review from last year, and thanks again to I won the netbook from them.

That corner shouldn't be bent...a plastic netbook would've broken.

I <3 Droid

Next up, my Droid X.  I love my Droid X. It has several available screens with customizable widgets; a good camera, camcorder, and mic; the ability to lock and unlock using either a code or a pattern; and tons of free apps… my faves are:


I <3 Scotty Vest

Now on to Scotty Vest, maker of clothes with pockets in pockets…pockets for your electronics, keys, ID, money, iPad (yes, a pocket for your iPad), water hydration system, etc etc etc.  Take a quick look around their site and see if you don’t find something totally awesome. Sean has a jacket and a pair of pants from these guys, and he loves them. I’m about to get the women’s travel vest, featuring a modest 22 pockets…I just can’t decide between black or “oatmeal”.

I <3 Paul and Storm

I can’t let this opportunity go by without pimping my favorite online peoples to you. First up, Paul and Storm(formerly of Da Vinci’s Notebook, @PaulAndStorm on Twitter). Check out their site, sample the free music (at least“Frogger: The Frogger Musical”!), listen to the podcast, buy their albums (you can download all four for $35), etc etc. Go. Do. Enjoy.

I <3 Blue Mics

A quick note to say that we’re still using, and still love, our Blue mics (see our original review, We use the Snowball and Yeti for our webshow, and the Snowflake for recording at conferences. The Yeti is tops for sound quality, the Snowflake (of course) for portability, and we’ve had no problems with any of them.


So yes, these are a few of my very favorite things. Perhaps I’ll think of more gadgety goodness that I simply can’t live without, and do another blog. For now, happy days, and happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans.-

Jen McCown

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