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SQL Toast

I have been working as a SQL Administrator for more than 5 years and it has been an enriching and exciting experience. I want to contribute back to the community which has given me a lot over the years.

Forcing Execution Plan

Very rarely there is a need to force an execution plan and even more rarely we should be doing it. But once you decide there is no other way or you need a quick temporary workaround to get production going and gain some buffer time for yourself to do proper… Read more

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Posted in SQL Toast on 20 July 2018

Send SMS from SQL Server

We have configured email alerts in our environment. Recently I had requirement of sending SMS for critical alerts on production server. Though this is NOT a feature of SQL Server, but we have a simple workaround for this.

Cell phone service providers have a SMS gateway. These gateways accept requests… Read more

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Posted in SQL Toast on 31 March 2014

Merge outputs of perfmon and profiler to get a great view

There is a way by which we can merge the .trc and .blg files to get a great view as below :

We have SQL Server Profiler event data in the top pane and PerfMon data in the middle. Data from both PerfMon and Profiler is correlated. If you click… Read more

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Posted in SQL Toast on 9 October 2013

SQL Server Statistics


Statistics contain information about the data. How the data is distributed inside the table. They are representation of a table. They represent the table in the sense that optimizer refers to the statistics to generate a plan rather than scanning the whole table for plan generation. These stats are… Read more

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Posted in SQL Toast on 29 September 2013