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Simply NomCom

So there seems to be some confusion as to what the NomCom’s job is.  I have to admit I was confused about its job at one time as well.  It took a couple of hours of sifting through blog posts, forums and documentation on the PASS site to finally figure it out.  And it’s actually very simple.

The NomCom’s job is to take the criterion that is set forth by the PASS Board of Directors and make sure that everyone that applies for the Board of Directors positions meets those criteria, then present that list to the Board of Directors.  Simple, isn’t it?

Please don’t mistake my simplified explanation of the NomCom’s job as being unimportant.  The NomCom’s job is very important and it’s a huge commitment.  So read about the candidates before you vote then vote.  It’s your community.

SQL Swimmer

I started out as a software developer back in 1996 in Denver, CO, doing Client/Server development in PowerBuilder. I am now a Data Architect, living in High Point, NC and I love what I do. I’ve worked with all versions of SQL Server since the infamous split from the Sybase code (a.k.a. version 4.21a). I’ve worn all the hats that come with dealing with SQL Server, developer to data architect and everything in between. Twitter handle: @SQLSwimmer


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