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SQL Server Overview

I'm a SQL Server DBA. I love to explore my knowledge about SQL Server database and have experience with database administration (installing, configuring, maintenance, transaction log shipping, replication, database mirroring etc) also I like to write blogs about these technologies.

How Often Should I Backup my Database - Query Answered

"In recent time, some of our counterpart organizations have faced database corruption. Though our company takes backup every week, we have decided to become more careful. I would like to pose a question to the expert admins here: How often should I backup my database? Our company is a mid-sized… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Overview on 18 June 2018

How to Read BLOB data in SQLite in an Efficient Way

SQLite is one of the most commonly used database engine. Its source code is available in public domain which can be used for commercial or private purpose. Common data types used in SQLite are NULL, INTEGER, REAL, TEXT and BLOB. Unlike Blob, all other data types stores a particular type…

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Posted in SQL Server Overview on 15 June 2018

Understanding the Role of SQL Server Agent in SQL Server

SQL Server Agent is a component of Microsoft SQL Server that is responsible to execute & schedule tasks or jobs in SQL Server. It runs as a Windows service and starts automatically when the system boots. It basically performs the backup task, handles reporting services, log shipping, and user tasks…

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Posted in SQL Server Overview on 6 June 2018

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and Its Synchronization

SQL Server Analysis Services (SAAS) serves a broader view of data for analysis so as to make things simpler for business analysts. Implementation of SAAS gives an opportunity to users to ask compound query and convert it into actionable insight where information for better business decision making will be available.…

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Posted in SQL Server Overview on 2 June 2018

Quick Way to Rebuild SQL Server Master Database

All the system-level configuration settings and login account information of SQL server are stored in the corresponding SQL Master Database files. It contains information about other databases that are present in SQL server. Master database consist 2 files – master.mdf and mastlog.ldf. Also other information details which are included…

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Posted in SQL Server Overview on 29 May 2018

Tips for Securing SQL Server Database from All Sort of Risks

Securing SQL Server Database is a challenging task as there are number of external and internal risks or parameters affecting the Server and its databases. In this section, we have discussed about all the concepts and the precautions that can be taken to prevent databases and the accumulated components such…

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Posted in SQL Server Overview on 24 May 2018

Tactics to Find Outdated Statistics in SQL Server

Statistics in SQL Server are used to identify the type of plan that needs to be executed for a query. SQL Server is pretty good in estimating the statistics. But, there are some circumstances in which it does not, in that case, a better understanding of statistics is required. Moreover,… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Overview on 21 May 2018

Know About SQL Server Error 6401


The ACID acronym standing for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability are the properties of SQL transactions. Transactions are used when the database has to be modified by using one or more SQL statements and to make sure the security of the database as well. However, at times, this normal… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Overview on 7 May 2018

A Perfect Solution to Resolve SQL Server Error 211

SQL Server Schema is basically a collection of SQL Objects that includes the tables, related columns, its entries, or other components. Due to this, it becomes easy for a user to access the database in the more reliable and effective way. However, there are some situations such as destruction in… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Overview on 30 April 2018

Top 5 Features of SysTools SQL LDF Recovery Software - Review

An SQL Server Expert Thoughts : I would like to recommend my readers to use SysTools SQL LDF recovery software for viewing transaction log file of SQL Server 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 R2 database, and 2005. It is so because I personally had used this application for resolving many problems… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Overview on 27 April 2018

Brief Description about SQL Server Encryption

Encryption is a good technique using which a particular data is obfuscated with a key or password. This makes the data useless until any decryption key or password is used to unlock it. Encryption makes data secure and prevents data loss, even if access controls are bypassed. Users can use…

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Posted in SQL Server Overview on 7 April 2018

7 Steps to Repair Database from Corruption

SQL Server Database is an advance relational database management system, which is widely used by business professionals. But one of the serious issue one faces is SQL Server Database Corruption.

It is estimated that 99% of Database Corruption in SQL Server is caused due to the problem in IO subsystem… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Overview on 4 April 2018

Using Stored Procedures in SQL Server For Better Performance

Intoduction to Stored Procedures in SQL Server

SQL Server uses Different types of stored procedures. They are the quickest method of accessing and manipulating database on the server. SPs are codes and scripts that are predefined for repetitive tasks to be performed on the server involving a database/its table/pages,… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Overview on 13 March 2018

Four Ways to Find Free Space In SQL Server Database

Determine Free Space In SQL Server Database

In our previous section we have discussed about Using Stored Procedures in SQL Server For Better Performance and know various advantages of using them in SQL Server. Now, In this article we will discuss about how to check free space in SQL Server…

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Posted in SQL Server Overview on 5 March 2018

SQL Server Error 3013: Restore Database is Terminating Abnormally

Overview of SQL Server Error 3013

One of the most frustrating situations that a user experiences while working with SQL Server is when errors are encountered. These errors disrupt the normal functioning of SQL Server and in worst case scenario may even lead to data loss. Sometimes, SQL Server Backup… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Overview on 17 February 2018

A Guide for Decrypting SQL Server Database Objects


The SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 provide a new feature for encrypting data to protect it from unauthorized access or hacker’s attacks. To make the data accessible, it needs to be decrypted with the use of key or password. It is necessary to encrypt critical SQL Server… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Overview on 16 February 2018

Forensic Analysis of Log files in SQL Server

The Importance of Log Files in SQL Server

On the SQL server every day we perform many transactions and as we know that all these transactions affect the log file. After all, the transactions are stored in the log file so every transaction contains some space in the log file… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Overview on 5 February 2018

Top Five Backup and Recovery Plans for SQL Database


Creating a good backup and recovery plan for SQL database is a very important task of a database administrator. A Database administrator must have the knowledge about the troubles of SQL Server and also a quick strategy, which is suitable for the trouble. Many organizations hire accidental database administrators… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Overview on 2 February 2018

Managing SQL Server Transaction Log File


In our previous section we have discussed how to create an audit trigger in SQL Server and how it helps for database security in different aspects and also knows how harmful it is for a database. Now, in this section, we will discuss SQL Server log file and its… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Overview on 29 January 2018

Learn Different Options for Importing Data Into SQL Server

Most of the time users need to import their data into SQL Server for its proper management. Select from the variation of source as well as destination data source types, choose tables for copying or even for specifying own query for data extraction and store the work as SSIS package.… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Overview on 22 January 2018

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