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SQL Server Citation - SQL Blog by Hemantgiri S. Goswami, SQL MVP

Hemantgiri S. Goswami is working as a Consultant at Surat, INDIA. He has been a Microsoft SQL Server MVP three years running; he also moderates multiple SQL Server community forums including and He actively participates and speaks at local user group events organized under the aegis of, DotNetChaps and CSI Surat chapters, of which he is a founding and active member. He regularly publishes article on his blog space He has recently taken up a new initiative - blogging about SQL in his native language Gujarat through his blog He is an Author of the book SQL Server 2008 High Availability.

Rebuild System Databases

Yesterday night one of FB Friend have ping me, he has issue with his local SQL Server instance. Our conversation goes like:
FB Friend: Hi
I : Hi
FB Friend: I need your help
FB Friend : My SQL Server is not starting...
I : What is an error you…

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Revamping SUG 2nd Meeting

Last Saturday, 21st we have 2nd meeting of SUG members and this time we made progress – I, Vinay and Matang was present in meeting .We have discussed following :
  1. We have decided that portal management will be done by I, Vinay and Matang initially, here are the module…

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Roles and Responsibilty of SQL Server DBA

  • What is a role of a DBA in an organization?
  • What are the daily activities of a DBA?
  • What shall I check on regular basis?
  • What all processes shall I automate ?
  • What are the precautions, I have to take additionally?

These are the common question being asked in-common on…

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Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous new year, may success comes to your doorstep
Image source : Top CNN News

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What’s new in SQL Server RC0 setup

  1. Datacentre Edition is no longer available as a MS SQL Server 2012 RC0 candidate, Read More
  2. MS SQL Server 2012 RC0 includes new edition – SQL Server Business Intelligence,  Read More
  3. Service Pack 1 is the minimum requirement for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems, Read more

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Revamping Surat User Group

Dear Friends, we had a user group meeting last week – I and Vinay Pugalia was  here. We have discussed many things to revamp and re-launch Surat User Group. Here are the minutes of meeting:

1) Regular Meetings -> Monthly, Proposed schedule :Saturday evening, 1900 to 2000

2) Regular Events… Read more

Maintenance Plan mystery

Last week I had interesting (or I can say weird ? ) case of Maintenance Plan. One of the server that we monitor has reported job failure – this was a part of maintenance plan. Looking at the job history and log file I came to know that this job…

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Using NOLOCK hint

Use NOLOCK hint to avoid block - this is what I have often heard/see in many forums I participate, during local user group events and meeting. I have always advised that its not that good idea to use hints, as it may cause data corruption and blocking. And, anyways, there…

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Download SQL Server 2008 SP3 CU2

MS has recently released SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 3 Cumulative Update 2 Released? which has fixes reported after SQL Server 2008 SP 3, this build version is  10.00.5768.00.
Below are the bugs that have been fixed in this CU:
  1. FIX: A backup operation on a SQL Server 2008 or…

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Download SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit

Microsoft has released SQL Server 2010 Developer Training Kit which includes :

  • Labs
  • Demos
  • and, Presentations

This kit will greatly help you learning Developer and BI Solutions.

One will require to have Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 to install this kit. Once you have download the kit, launch…

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Resolving 701 There is insufficient system memory to run this query

In recent past while working on an assignment I have encounter an error 701 There is insufficient system memory to run this query . I had a quick look at the server and noticed that server is not configured proper for max memory, and have suggested client to make changes…

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DATABASE_OBJECT_CHANGE_GROUP do not audit SP or other object

Deepak Kumar (friend of mine and founder of )  were chatting yesterday. We were discussing about audit feature in SQL 2008, Deepak has enabled this feature for one of his client since month. And when he was looking at the log he found that there were entries but they…

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Refresh QA Database with Manual Scripts

Couple of week back Megha Sharma send me an email with a document attached, this document is all about how to refresh QA database with manual script. Here is the preview of the document, and the reason why we should follow the method in her own words:

QA environment frequently…

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workaround for orphaned users

The server principal  is not able to access the database  under the current security context, is the error message appears for those users who was able to access the database / application earlier especially after refreshing database from production to dev, test or uat enviornment when the correspondent login is…

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SQL 2008 R2 Administration Cook Book

Couple of week back I have received a special gift, from the person whom I admire as a elder bro and mentor – Satya SkJ. Recently he has written a cook book on SQL Server 2008 R2 Administration, forward written by MVP Brad McGehee, and reviewed by Vinod…

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CU 16 for SQL Server 2008 SP1


Microsoft has recently released a Cumulative Update (CU) # 16 for SQL Server 2008 SP1 which contains hotfixes which were resolved after SQL Server 2008 SP1; once you will install / apply this CU the server version would be 10.00.2850.00

As always it is recommended that you test this… Read more

SQL Server DBA Quiz on BeyondRelational

Friend of my mine and fellow MVP Jecob Sebastian is running SQL Server DBA Quiz 2011 on his community web site – BeyondRelational.  He asked me to submit question as a Quiz Master, so, here is my question for you all :

You have an SQL Server Integration Service… Read more

SQL Server Wait Types in SQL 2008

While working on an assignment of troubleshooting performance issue few month back I have come across a situation where I have to provide good information about the different waittypes and what they do, while researching a good documentation on wait types I have found the most authentic information on PSS… Read more

Overcome update conflict in P2P replication

When we have Peer to Peer (P2P) replication in place on SQL Server 2008, probably we would see a conflict

1) conflict of type 'Update-Update' was detected at peer 2 between peer 1 (incoming)

2) conflict of type 'Update-Delete’ was detected at peer 2 between peer 1 (incoming)

Microsoft has… Read more

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