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Refresh QA Database with Manual Scripts


Couple of week back Megha Sharma send me an email with a document attached, this document is all about how to refresh QA database with manual script. Here is the preview of the document, and the reason why we should follow the method in her own words:

QA environment frequently needs Database refresh and hence space on its disks. QA Database is refreshed from Production followed by a data purge, which leaves a lot of free space in the database. In order to release the free space, we follow database shrink command, a lengthy & single thread I / O operation, also cause high data fragmentation. To avoid this resource & time consuming activity, we do a Refresh Database with manual scripts, in which, we create a new database, transfer tables, data & other objects via scripts. The Generate Scripts option of a database generates script for the complete database and transfers data (using Insert into command, highly logged), to avoid this we do a Select * into, to transfer table definition & data (minimal logged & fast, being a bulk operation) & then generate Table Objects (Keys, Constraints, Triggers, Indexes) via manual scripts & other database objects (Views, Stored Procedures, Functions, Users, Roles, Schemas) via generate scripts.

Sounds interesting ? Want to download the complete document ? Download Link

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-- Hemantgiri S. Goswami ( )

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