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SQL Guatemala

SQL Server Database Administrator/Developer with experience in large environments. I have worked on IT for nearly 15 years in different areas. Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: SQL 2016 Database Administration since 2018. Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: SQL Server 2012/2014 since 2017. Microsoft Certified Professional since 2014.

Pride and Prejudice... and Triggers

This post is part of #tsql2sday event :)
I know, in the world of the database administrators and developers, the triggers are the ugly duck of the database development.

They are hard to track, hard to maintain, can have a weird transaction behavior if you are not careful and can…

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Posted in SQL Guatemala on 11 September 2018

Different methods to generate query execution plans

One of the things I enjoy about my job is when I have to develop or review some T-SQL code, for my own projects or reviewing someones else code. In both cases, you often have to tune some queries or review them to see if there is room for some…

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Posted in SQL Guatemala on 10 September 2018

Format Query as JSON

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a file format used to transmit data from various applications, very similar to XML, it also used to stored NoSQL unstructured data, and because of this versatility, Many REST applications and web services use it.

Since this is a standard file format, you should be…

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Posted in SQL Guatemala on 22 August 2018

Performance Basics: Indexed views

Views help our query writing by simplifying writing the same sentences and/or aggregations over and over again, but it has a drawback, the views just store our query definition, but the performance is not improved by using them.

Since SQL Server 2008, the option to create an index over a…

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Posted in SQL Guatemala on 17 August 2018

Announcing new Guatemala SQL Server user group

I am very happy to announce that after a long time struggling and filling all the requirements, we were able to create the SQL Server local user group for Guatemala.

The purpose of creating this group was to empower the local database administrators and developers by creating a community where…

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Posted in SQL Guatemala on 16 August 2018

Determine SQL Server Network Protocol Information using T-SQL and DMVs

I have recently started as an author for MSSQLTips.com website, this is an excellent site where you can start writing if you don't want to maintain a blog, and you acquire a lot of visibility right away since they have a lot of traffic to their website.

On my first…

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Posted in SQL Guatemala on 9 August 2018

Extended events (XE): Create a simple XE

When someone says still uses SQL Profiler.
Image is taken from here
An ancient, dark place, a source of many legends and histories, although some people have been able to get out alive, some others are stuck there, the locals refer to it as "The nosy one" but we know…

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Posted in SQL Guatemala on 23 July 2018

PowerBI: Implement a What If parameter

Our Guinea Pig Dashboard
PowerBI is focused on creating interactive, analytical reports, from a lot of different data sources and with the ability to access them via mobile devices.

One of the cool options that allow your reports to be interactive, is the What If parameters: they allow you to…

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Posted in SQL Guatemala on 17 July 2018

Display SELECT query or table as HTML

This post is part of #tsql2sday event :)
For my current job I support a lot of SQL Servers, they come in all the flavors and sizes (old, new, patched, unpatched, big, small, dedicated, shared, built by our team, built by others... etc). In the ocean of different possible configurations,…

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Posted in SQL Guatemala on 10 July 2018

Saving disk space by choosing the correct data type

"Database is almost 4 TB in size, user is complaining on long times for DEV data refresh and high storage costs for database and backups. Full backups are taking a long time to complete, even with compression enabled. 
After a quick check, we discover tables that stores data from 15…

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Posted in SQL Guatemala on 3 July 2018

Check instant file initialization and lock pages in memory options

Study your server reports do the work for you!

Instant file initialization and lock pages in memory are 2 windows operating system options that can help us improve our overall SQL Server performance.
These options are already checked in the Server Dashboard report available in my free tools.


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Posted in SQL Guatemala on 28 June 2018

What it is Page Life Expectancy (PLE)

Which cup will you prefer to go the less
number of times to the coffee maker?
image was taken from here
Let us imagine this: Every morning when you get to the office, you must drink coffee to be fully awake, if you are a coffee lover, maybe you should…

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Posted in SQL Guatemala on 21 June 2018

Collation considerations to create robust queries

Is your code "This" robust?
What is Collation? In short words: are the sorting rules, case, and accent sensitivity properties for your data. (if you want to read more, click here).

If you are dedicated to database development or you provide support to a lot of user databases, then…

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Posted in SQL Guatemala on 11 June 2018

Add a custom report to SSMS

Maybe some of you don't know this, but to view Report Definition Language reports (RDL) , you aren't forced to use SQL Server Reporting Services and a report server running on the machine.

With the latest version of SSMS you are able to view any report, just have in mind…

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Posted in SQL Guatemala on 25 May 2018

Query to determine last statistics update for a database

Statistics are a vital part of SQL Server database engine, these are used for the query optimizer to create query plan.
These statistics store distribution information about one or more columns on tables and views, you can read more about how statistics works from Microsoft documentation in the first link.

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Posted in SQL Guatemala on 16 May 2018

Quick charts in SQL Server Operations Studio

Sample chart for quick insights
SQL Server Operations Studio will be a new tool for managing SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and Azure SQL Data Warehouse, this tool is not meant to replace SSMS, and is focused more to Database Developers than for Database Administrators.

On this post I want…

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Posted in SQL Guatemala on 14 May 2018

Quick tip: Refresh IntelliSense cache in SSMS

If you work with multiple windows or make a change using SSMS to an object, sometimes IntelliSense does not reflect the changes in your code, to update recent changes you need to refresh the local cache.

This option is located in SSMS, under Edit>IntelliSense>Refresh Local Cache or just hitting Ctrl+Shift+R

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Posted in SQL Guatemala on 8 May 2018

Security: Create and view Audit Logs

It is important to have a secure environment, enforcing the least privilege principle in your servers and databases, but this can be difficult to achieve on large environments, where a lot of people have elevated privileges or several people have permissions to perform tasks over your data or schema.


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Posted in SQL Guatemala on 30 April 2018

Quick tip: format source code in html

I run a technical blog, so it is necessary to put code in almost every post. Most of the GUIs we use to do our work (let's say SSMS or Visual Studio) already provide this functionality, but when you copy and paste the code to the blog, you need to…

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Posted in SQL Guatemala on 25 April 2018

Configure Min and Max memory in Reporting Services

As any of the available SQL Server services, Reporting Services will use all of the server memory if needed, in some cases when you have multiple products configured for the same server, you need to limit these values, we use WorkingSetMaximum and WorkingSetMinimum configuration values to achieve this task.


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Posted in SQL Guatemala on 23 April 2018

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