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Dharmendra is a SQL Server/Microsoft Data Platform professional with over eight years of experience. He enjoys helping others in the SQL Server community and does this by contributing on blogs, speaking at several SQL events. His passion and focus is to explore and share more and more on SQL Server.

Archives: May 2017

Log File Space Issue Monitoring Using SQL Server DMV

As a continuation of “Database Monitoring using DMV” series, this blog will cover how quickly you can address the log file space related issue. Below are the previous blogs which you may find useful in your everyday job.

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Posted in SQL Geek on 31 May 2017

SQL Server 2017 sys.dm_os_enumerate_fixed_drives

In SQL Server 2017,  you can use the new DMV sys.dm_os_enumerate_fixed_drives to identify free disk space. The DMV is replacement of xp_fixeddrives.

Old way


New Way

SELECT * FROM sys.dm_os_enumerate_fixed_drives;

I wish Microsoft could have included the capacity of the drive. Not including the drive capacity requires the DBA… Read more

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Posted in SQL Geek on 15 May 2017

SQL Server 2017 – The operating system returned the error 21

Recently, I was exploring SQL Server 2017 CTP 2.0 using SQL Server Management Studio V17. Till the time, I was restoring the databases using tsql script on the SQL Server 2017 instance, and I didn’t encounter any issue. But, When I tried to restore a database backup using GUI using… Read more

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Posted in SQL Geek on 15 May 2017

Setting Up a Subscription

In the last two blogs, we went through Configure Distribution Database and Publication Creation. If you haven’t read them, I will request you to go through before you start exploring this blog.

If you don’t have the Subscription database, You must create your subscription database. Once you created the… Read more

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Posted in SQL Geek on 10 May 2017

Setting Up a Publication for Transaction Replication

In the previous blog, we discussed how to Configure Distribution Database. Once you setup your Distribution database successfully, you can create a publication. Here, we will learn how to create a publication for Transaction Replication and how many jobs get created after the publication setup.

Create Publication

I’ll walk… Read more

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Posted in SQL Geek on 9 May 2017

Configure Distribution Database

In this blog, we are going to learn about the Distribution database, how to configure the Distribution database, and how many jobs get created during the configuration of the Distribution database.

Distribution Database

Distribution Database is a system database. It contains many objects that keep replication metadata and replicated data… Read more

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Posted in SQL Geek on 6 May 2017