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When issue is not exactly "issue"

In last release of SQL Code Guard (2.4.5222) I've added few issues which can cause confusion.
Eg - ST012 "Consider using temporary table instead of table variable"
You can ask me - "What is wrong with table variable? Everyone suggests to use it! Even Microsoft!"

And this issue seems even more strange if you look at issue ST011 "Consider using table variable instead of temporary table" :)
You can say to me - "Hey, pal! Can you make a decision at last! What should I use - table var or temporary table?"
But the answer is quite simple: these issues are not exactly "issues". This is more "stylish" consideration.
You know, each company have its own "coding standard". We will not discuss it. This standard can be right or can be wrong - it doesn't really matter. If you work for company - you MUST FOLLOW company's standards. Or you can create your own company with standards which you like :)
If coding standard prescribes that you shouldn't use temporary table - you should not use it. The same is with table variable.

So the main goal of these "issues" is just to help you on your hard way of following corporate standards.
Or (if you are the Boss) - such issues can help you to be sure that everyone in your team follows standards you've created :)

In the future I plan to extend list of such "corporate standard" issues to make life of corporate DBA's and code-bosses much more easier.


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