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SQL Blog by Rahul Sahay

I have a total experience of 6 years primarily in databases (T-SQL and Performance Tuning). I have worked on different versions starting with SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2008 R2 for companies like Accenture and Airtel. I have completed Microsoft certification in MCTS (SQL SERVER). I did my MCA (Masters Of Computer Application) degree from Bangalore and have a BCA (Bachelor Of Computer Applications) from Indore.

SSIS To SqlServer DataTypes

SSIS Data Type
SSIS Expression
SQL Server
single-byte signed integer

two-byte signed integer
four-byte signed integer
eight-byte signed integer
single-byte unsigned integer
two-byte unsigned integer

four-byte unsigned integer

eight-byte unsigned integer

double-precision float

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Posted in SQL Blog by Rahul Sahay on 8 June 2017

Creating Dimension Table ==> Time (Example)

Script for Dimension table for Time.

Here Date_ID is the primary key which can be used as the foreign key in the fact tables.



                 [DATE_ID] [bigint] IDENTITY(1, 1)

                                    NOT NULL

                ,[SQL_DATE] [datetime] NOT NULL


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Posted in SQL Blog by Rahul Sahay on 22 April 2013

Total Number Of Records In each Table

Quite often in our day today activity we need to check the count of records in each table of the database. So instead of firing count(*) against all the table, we can use the DMV's ie inbuild system procedures or functions to get the desired result.

Code :

select …

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Posted in SQL Blog by Rahul Sahay on 3 April 2013

SQL BLOG: First Occurrence Of Character In a String


 We need to find the first occurrence of character ie non numeric data in the string without using the built in function.
Example: String 577a     
First occurrence of character : 4


i)                    Here I haven’t used any built in functions. First we need to find…

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Posted in SQL Blog by Rahul Sahay on 1 March 2013

SQL BLOG: Using Triggers for creating history tables in SQL Server

Case Study:
1)       We  need to track the employee table in terms of new records inserted along with the datetime stamp

2)      In case any updation, we need to track the same with only the column name that is updated. Rest all columns should be null. All tracking…

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Posted in SQL Blog by Rahul Sahay on 28 February 2013

SQL BLOG: Calculating total number of days from 1st Jan without using DATEDIFF function

Below script will calculate total number of days based on the input from user from 1st Jan. Though we have a built in function DATEDIFF from which we can calculate this easily. But in the below script, i have tried calculating the days without this built in function.

I have…

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Posted in SQL Blog by Rahul Sahay on 25 February 2013

SQL BLOG: Calculating number of week along the days completed in that week for a given input date

Below code will display the week started along with the number of days completed in that week. For deriving this have used the modulo function.

Week-4 for this code starts from 22nd till the last day of the month, that's why week-4 remaining days are calculated by dividing with 21…

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Posted in SQL Blog by Rahul Sahay on 24 February 2013

SQL BLOG: Playing with Date Time

Below code returns remaining days in the month based on the input date. We can have this inside a function also which will return the integer value.

/* code starts here */

/* calculate remaining days in the month from the given input */
declare @tdate datetime
set @tdate =…

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Posted in SQL Blog by Rahul Sahay on 24 February 2013