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I am Nagaraj (aka Raj), a SQL Server Database Administrator for one of the busiest OLTP systems in Singapore. Being a SQL Enthusiast for over 10 years now, I love to explore and share more and more on SQL Server.

Archives: September 2015

Hekaton Part 7 - Hash Collisions & Hash Buckets

As explained in the earlier post, a hash index places pointers to the rows in hash buckets, depending upon the value returned by hash function. Hash bucket count for a index is fixed at the time of creation and doesn't grow as data grows. So, what happens when the index column contains…

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Posted in SQL and SQL Only on 15 September 2015

Hekaton Part 6:- Hash Indexes - Intro

With SQL Server 2014, new type of Index called the hash index was introduced. Little introduction to hash function would help understanding hash indexes better.

When a "key value" is passed to hash function, depending upon the result hash function provides, the key value will be placed in corresponding hash…

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Posted in SQL and SQL Only on 8 September 2015

Hekaton Part 5: Introduction to Indexes in "In Memory Tables"

After a short little break on Hekaton series, we are now back with the 5th post.

Two new index types have been introduced. They are

1) Hash Index -  Based on Hash algorithm - useful for equality searches
2) Range Index - sometimes referred as Non clustered Index in Memory…

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Posted in SQL and SQL Only on 4 September 2015