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SQL Saturday Total NOVICE sessions

Have you ever been to a SQL Saturday where someone 'rocks up' for a beginner's presentation. In fact he or she works at a help desk and the boss sent him or her, to the event, to 'learn everything there is to know about SQL Server'.

This ACTUALLY happened to… Read more

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Posted in Simon Says on 20 April 2013

Monitoring SQL Server Agent job run times


A few months back, I was asked how long a particular nightly process took to run. It was a super question and the one thing that struck me was that there were a plethora of factors affecting the processing time. This said, I developed a query to ascertain process… Read more

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Posted in Simon Says on 18 April 2013

Restoring databases to a set drive and directory


Restoring databases to a set drive and directory


Often people say that necessity is the mother of invention. In this case I was faced with the dilemma of having to restore several databases, with multiple ‘ndf’ files, and having to restore them with different physical file names, drives… Read more

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Posted in Simon Says on 8 April 2013

SQL Server 2012 SSAS .. 'Yes we can' use one instance for both the tabular and multi dimensional models

As most of us are aware, each instance of SSAS 2012 may be run in either tabular or multidimensional mode (and not both). This necessitates having 2 instances should you wish to do both.

HOWEVER, I picked up something interesting at the PASS Nordic Rally. There is an UNSUPPORTED 'toggle' that… Read more

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Posted in Simon Says on 26 October 2012

SQL Saturday 28 was extraordinary!!!!

Folks, I have to tell you that this event was great!! It was really well organized, with great speakers. Personally, I know that I learnt a great deal. A special thanks has to go out to Patrick LeBlanc, Tom LeBlanc and the crew who did a super job in organizing the… Read more

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Posted in Simon Says on 17 August 2010

Patrick and Thomas LeBlanc..did a great job Congrats!!!

Have you ever had 590 + people register for YOUR SQL Saturday.. well Patrick and Thomas did. These folks have put their hearts into this event (which as I blogged before WILL be the event of the year). Do yourselves a favour and have a look at the schedule.

http://www.sqlsaturday.com/28/schedule.aspx Read more

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Posted in Simon Says on 12 August 2010

SQL Saturday # 28 in Baton Rouge, Saturday Aug 14th, looks to be one of the best events of the year.

If you are looking for a rewarding way to spend next Saturday, August 14th 2010, do yourself a favour and join us in Baton Rouge LA.

This promises to be one of the best events of 2010. I know.. as I plan to fly down to Louisiana from Providence RI… Read more

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Posted in Simon Says on 5 August 2010

The Gotcha’s of Gotcha’s


Have you ever tried to create a dataset in SSRS 2008 (based upon an OLAP cube) and ran into that notorious “Query (1, 1) Parser: The syntax for '=' is incorrect.”  error message and a plethora of other really informative  error messages.


Well I did,   Read more

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Posted in Simon Says on 5 August 2010


Here is a challenge that had me stumped for several days. Besides for working with Reporting Services on a day to day basis, I also work with a reporting product that requires Apache Tomcat.

Both reside on the same development box running Windows XP box with SP2.


One thing… Read more

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Posted in Simon Says on 11 January 2010

SSRS reading linebreak in textbox

The problem of the day: I stumbled on this problem on the Microsoft Reporting Services Forum website and thought it might be of some interest.

The problem

"We are loading data from a single data element into a textbox that can contain html linebreak tags (<br />). Is there a way for…

Read more

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Posted in Simon Says on 8 January 2010

Error rsAccessDenied : The permissions granted to user 'Toma-PC\Toma' are insufficient for performing this operation.

In my problem of the day, I found this one out on the Microsoft Reporting Services Forum. I bumped my head on this one early in December.

This lady is trying to deploy a Reporting Services Solution from Visual Studio to the report server.

Here is the problem.

" Read more

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Posted in Simon Says on 7 January 2010

How to obtain RecordCount (or Number of cases) from a DMX query

 This one caught my eye on the Data Mining Forum and it is not the first time that this one has cropped up.

The question

I have a DMX listed below. Now if i run this in the Sql Server Management Studio, it returns me the list of Customers… Read more

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Posted in Simon Says on 5 January 2010

Recursion with SQL Server 2008 within the Financial World

As most of you, we in the financial world have often been faced with the challenge of extracting data from relational sources that within the business frame of reference are more hierarchical in nature. Recently, I did what most of us do from time to time, I searched on “Google”… Read more

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Posted in Simon Says on 12 September 2009

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