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Error rsAccessDenied : The permissions granted to user 'Toma-PC\Toma' are insufficient for performing this operation.

In my problem of the day, I found this one out on the Microsoft Reporting Services Forum. I bumped my head on this one early in December.

This lady is trying to deploy a Reporting Services Solution from Visual Studio to the report server.

Here is the problem.

"Hi everyone,

I installed  Windows 7 ultimate and use reporting service 2008 . 
i create a report when i try to deploy it i get this Reporting Services Error

Error rsAccessDenied : The permissions granted to user 'Toma-PC\Toma' are insufficient for performing this operation.

and when i open http://localhost/Reports/Pages/Folder.aspx i found that there is no "Content" or "Properties" Tab 

how can i deploy this report and why the 2 tabs not exist

plzzzzzzzzzz any one help me


My Solution

Hi All
I ran in to this one last month.
1) You should run reporting services under the LOCALSYSTEM account or another account with similar privileges.


2) Run MSCONFIG from the Programs / RUN and go to tools. You must set the UAC control to DISABLED. The same goes for Vista Ultimate. :)

The problem is that there really is no true 'Administrator' account and should you try to deploy it without LOCAL SYSTEM privileges, you will be told that you do not have adequate privileges(from the Visual Studio side).  

Now with LOCALSYSTEM privs you can deploy ( and this has the equivalent rights as "Administrator") BUT here is the kicker, when you try to logon to the report server you can normally only log on as yourself and you will find that although Visual Studio did deploy the solution to the server you CANNOT see the reports AND THAT IS BECAUSE only the administrator has the rights to access the reports. 

Once you have done this, please let me know how you fared.

sincerest regards
Steve Simon



Posted by Graham O'Daniel on 13 January 2010

Hm...I would think you need to run IE as administrator and add their specific user to the roles in report manager.  In Vista and 7 a user in the Administrators group is only considered in that group when they run programs as administrator.  If the program isn't run as administrator, then specific permissions must be designated for the user account they are using.  The default permissions for report manager are for the Administrators group, and users need to be added specifically to publish reports, browse folder, etc.  Until the permissions are added the user will continue to see no tabs when visiting the report manager website.

You really should NOT turn of UAC, especially in a server or secure environment, unless you absolutely need to.

Hope that helps,


Posted by Leendert van Staalduinen on 13 January 2010

I had the same problem, and added to Web.Config:  <identity impersonate="true" />.

This solution worked for me, but I must confess that I am not proficient at all about this issue. The above solution originates from "Using the WebForms ReportViewer Control" (msdn.microsoft.com/.../aa337091(SQL.90).aspx).


Posted by mchofman on 14 January 2010

The information on the URL below helpt me a lot.


What I did:

- Start IE

- Go to tools, internet options, security tab, trusted websites.

- Add the report site to your trusted websites

- click the button custom level, scroll all te way down, select "Automatic Logon With current username and password"


Posted by Vikas Hawldar on 14 January 2010

Try this - when you open VS2008 (or BIDS) Right Click on the BIDS Icon and 'Run as Administrator' and then open your project and deploy the report..

Posted by bfarrelly on 6 September 2010

This is a regular and frustrating regular error in RS. I've just had a situation with RS where half report folders started giving this error (RS2008 on Server 2008), other half fine. Turns out that the service I was running RS under (Open the RS Configuration manager and check 'Database | Service Account Credential') had been removed from the local machine Administrators group during a tightening of Active Directory policy.  

What is particularly interesting and downright annoying is the fact that I did much head scratching around user logins and permissions when the actual login/Security issue was around the account RS runs under.

Anyhow, worth checking the service RS runs under is added to Local Administrator's group is you see rsAccessDenied.

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