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Archives: January 2010


Here is a challenge that had me stumped for several days. Besides for working with Reporting Services on a day to day basis, I also work with a reporting product that requires Apache Tomcat.

Both reside on the same development box running Windows XP box with SP2.


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Posted in Simon Says on 11 January 2010

SSRS reading linebreak in textbox

The problem of the day: I stumbled on this problem on the Microsoft Reporting Services Forum website and thought it might be of some interest.

The problem

"We are loading data from a single data element into a textbox that can contain html linebreak tags (<br />). Is there a way for…

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Posted in Simon Says on 8 January 2010

Error rsAccessDenied : The permissions granted to user 'Toma-PC\Toma' are insufficient for performing this operation.

In my problem of the day, I found this one out on the Microsoft Reporting Services Forum. I bumped my head on this one early in December.

This lady is trying to deploy a Reporting Services Solution from Visual Studio to the report server.

Here is the problem.

" Read more

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Posted in Simon Says on 7 January 2010

How to obtain RecordCount (or Number of cases) from a DMX query

 This one caught my eye on the Data Mining Forum and it is not the first time that this one has cropped up.

The question

I have a DMX listed below. Now if i run this in the Sql Server Management Studio, it returns me the list of Customers… Read more

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Posted in Simon Says on 5 January 2010