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Why Aren’t You Using SSMS 17?

Last fall, Microsoft split the coding and release of SQL Server Management Studio away from any dependency on the server code. With that, they began an aggressive and exciting series of releases with exciting new functionality in each release. However, you don’t care.

How do I know? I’ve seen the telemetry that shows that most of you are still using old versions of SSMS.

I want to know why. Please, post comments below so I can understand.

Why You Should Move to SSMS 17

There are a ton of reasons for you to make the move. The least of which is bug fixes are coming hot and fast. The more exciting things are the ability to compare execution plans or the new Extended Events sessions that look just like those old Trace sessions that people love so much. Heck, the latest version has exposed the AUTOGROW_ALL_FILES option for FileGroups (read more, and download it, here).

With all that new functionality, why aren’t you using it?

You no longer have to run the installer for the server and risk accidentally installing a new instance (not that I’ve ever done that… more than about three times). The new installer stands alone. You can put it where you need it without issues. Further, Microsoft assures us that it works as far back as SQL Server 2008. I happen to know that Redgate has tested it on SQL Server 2005, where it (mostly) works fine. We also tested it on 2000, where… well… you could run queries successfully.

If the issue isn’t compatibility, then what is it?

As a nerd, I want the new toys. However, as a software vendor, I’d love if it more people went to a more stable, more easily maintained, release of SSMS. Not only can you get more and better functionality from Microsoft, but your third party tools are likely to play nicer too.

What is the hold up?


This is not a rant or a criticism of your choices. I’m seriously inquiring so that I can understand. We have a better piece of software, with zero cost, easier maintenance, easier installations, cool new toys, and a very low adoption rate. So, what gives?

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