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How to do DevOps as a SQL Server DBA

You recognize that you need to provide a pipeline for database deployments, that you need to automate as much support for your development teams as you possibly can, that you have to have testing in place to ensure protection of the production environment, that you need to speed your processes. In short, you recognize the need for taking on a DevOps approach, an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) approach, even, a Database Lifecycle Management (DLM) approach.


Now what?

Well, there are three fundamentals that you need to get under your belt. You need to get your database into source control. You need to set up a continuous integration process. You need to set up automated deployments. All tough nuts to crack.

Hey, we get it. That’s why Redgate Software is going to provide hands-on training in these skill sets and disciplines. Check out the DLM Training and Consultancy page.

As of this writing you can sign up for both free and paid courses (the free courses are just in March to get things started) to get your hands on some of these technologies. Steve Jones (b|t) will be teaching continuous integration in Dublin on March 10th. Alex Yates (b|t) will cover London on March 20th. I’m taking on Silicon Valley on March 27th. This is your chance to see how CI works and how it can be applied within your development processes so that you can begin working on DLM and DevOps within your organization. The paid events start in April.

Watch the DLM Training and Consultancy page because we’re going to be expanding this training more and more. There will also be introductory courses that give you a complete overview of DLM, but without the hands-on training.


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