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Using the Surface

By Grant Fritchey, 2012/11/09

I’m attempting to push this thing. I want it to be a production device, not just a consumption device. Frankly, until there are a lot more apps (which don’t crash & burn), this isn’t all that attractive a consumption device.

Typing with the touch keyboard has gotten radically better as I’ve worked with it. So much so, it’s starting to mess with the way I type on a real keyboard, jut a little. I find a little pause, every so often, after typing quite a few words, resting my fingers, just for a moment, on the home keys (bless my typing class in high school), getting my index fingers reoriented to the little indents that mark F and J. I actually just used that last sentence as an example. Each comma represents a rest. I am noticing what looks like might be wear onĀ  couple of keys. Somewhat concerning.

With typing improved, I’m finding I can blog and tweet from the Surface. That’s already making it productive because the battery life is flipping awesome. I need to test RDP to see what I can do with servers from here. With the patch Word is working for me. Email through the Hotmail setup does work. We’re well on our way, but not yet there.

Almost two weeks in and the number and quality of apps just isn’t improving. That’s somewhat dispiriting.


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