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St. Louis SQL Server Users Group Feedback

By Grant Fritchey, 2011/09/16

You know I share what feedback I get from conferences. I don’t usually get feedback from users groups (well, I do, but it’s seldom written down and the bruises heal eventually). The St. Louis SQL Server Users Group did collect information. Since I share the other stuff, I may as well share this too.

They didn’t have a metric. It was just written down comments. Here are a few, my comments, as usual, will be in parenthesis:

There were some more, but you get the idea. Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback. It’s always appreciated. It’s the one gift you can give people who present for you, so when given the opportunity to give that gift, please, do so.

Thanks again to the St. Louis SQL Server Users Group for allowing me to present. It’s really appreciated and I hope, next time, I can get out there in person.

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