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The Scary DBA

I have twenty+ years experience in IT. That time was spent in technical support, development and database administration. I work forRed Gate Software as a Product Evangelist. I write articles for publication at SQL Server Central, Simple-Talk, PASS Book Reviews and SQL Server Standard. I have published two books, ”Understanding SQL Server Execution Plans” and “SQL Server 2008 Query Performance Tuning Distilled.” I’m one of the founding officers of the Southern New England SQL Server Users Group and its current president. I also work on part-time, short-term, off-site consulting contracts. In 2009 and 2010 I was awarded as a Microsoft SQL Server MVP. In the past I’ve been called rough, intimidating and scary. To which I usually reply, “Good.” You can contact me through grant -at- scarydba dot kom (unobfuscate as necessary).

Archives: February 2011

What Should PASS Be?

Andy Warren posted a question the other day (well, issued a challenge actually), “What Should PASS Be?” I’ll let you go and read that & wait here… Done? Cool. Moving on.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my associations with PASS over the years. I’ve been a first-time attendee, a… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 22 February 2011

SQL Rally

I believe I’ve been far too quiet about this event.

In May, in Orlando Florida, there will be a two day SQL Server conference called SQL Rally put on by PASS. This is a somewhat unique event since the sessions have all been chosen by the community. That’s right, a… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 17 February 2011

UN-SQL Friday #003–Vendor Love

The love that dare not speak it’s name… Yes, love for vendors. <shudder> Oh, I mean I love my new employer, but other vendors, no never. Although, there was this one time, at band camp… Well, I don’t think we need to go into the details here,

Let me… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 15 February 2011

SQL Saturday #60, Cleveland Speaker Evals

I just received 35 speaker evaluations from SQL Saturday #60 in Cleveland. It was a great event (although I had a hard time getting there) and I really enjoyed giving my presentation on “Gathering and Interpreting Performance Metrics” (a warm-up presentation of part of my SQL Rally pre-con).… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 15 February 2011

DBA 101: Why Don’t People Run Backups

It happened multiple times this week. It happens multiple times every week. Some poor soul is posting on a message board, usually with the heading “URGENT” (why that one word so frequently, I just don’t know), that they deleted production data/dropped a production table/updated production data/dropped a database/received data corruption… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 13 February 2011

TSQL Tuesday #15–Automation in SQL Server

Automation is the separation point for the professional DBA from the amateur. That makes this a very important topic. Thanks to Pat Wright (blog|twitter) for coming up with something great to write about and hosting the event.

I recently wrote an article for the SQL Spackle… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 8 February 2011

SQL Saturday #60: The Saga

First, let me thank Erin Stellato (blog|twitter) and all the volunteers for running such a great event. Nicely done.

This event was to be my very first walk on to the public stage as a Red Gate employee, so I was excited about getting there. About… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 7 February 2011

PASS Summit Location

Andy Warren has posted another one of his excellent summaries of what’s going on at the PASS Board. Andy, thanks for what you do. Those of us who care about what goes on at PASS really appreciate your posts.

The discussion under consideration this time is the location of the… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 2 February 2011