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SQL Server Standard Update

By Grant Fritchey, 2009/08/29

We’ve received wonderful support from the community. Brad McGehee has a list with great people on it who have volunteered to be technical editors. A bunch of people have inquired about writing for the reincarnation of SQL Server Standard (SSS). I’ve accepted, to date, eight different abstracts. I’ve started learning what it means to be an editor. I’ve gone through first drafts on four articles from some great people. They’re smart and you’re going to love the information they’re putting together for you.

But, we need more. A lot more. Please look over the requirements and if you meet them, consider sending us an abstract (send it to grant.fritchey -at- sqlpass dot org).

A few suggestions to help you out.

Those are just a few ideas. You don’t need to apply any of them (well, except for the PassPort entry, that you have to do).

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