Printed 2017/08/20 01:51PM

Read contents of a file to variable – SSIS


Sometimes you will find the need to import a file to a variable using SSIS. In this post, I’ll use Script Task to read contents of a flat file into a variable.

I’ve created a file called ‘myfile.txt’ with some random text. I’ll configure script task to read this file into a SSIS variable.

'initialize StreamReader class for text file
Dim streamReader As New StreamReader("D:\Documents\myfile.txt")
' Read the StreamReader To End and assign to local variable
Dim StreamText As String = streamReader.ReadToEnd()
' assign SSIS variable with value of StreamText local variable.
Me.Dts.Variables("vText").Value = StreamText

To test, I’ll add another script task. This task will show a message box with the contents of our variable. Following is the script i use for message box:


As you can see I’m reading the file from a static location on my D drive. Most people, however, will use variables or expressions to read from any locations dynamically.


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