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Sam Vanga

Sam Vanga helps business people solve their data problems and enables them make data-driven-decisions. His specialties include data integration, data warehouse and database development, and BI design. Sam blogs at http://SamuelVanga.com.

Archives: January 2012

Data Labels, Axis Interval, Rotate Label Text: SSRS Nugget

Charts present summary data in a visually appealing format. Following is a chart for sales over month:


I frequently use a few options along with charts to get most out of them.

Show data labels:

It’ll be easier for the users to quickly read, if the chart shows… Read more

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Posted in Sam Vanga on 31 January 2012

Read contents of a file to variable – SSIS

Sometimes you will find the need to import a file to a variable using SSIS. In this post, I’ll use Script Task to read contents of a flat file into a variable.

I’ve created a file called ‘myfile.txt’ with some random text. I’ll configure script task to read this file… Read more

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Posted in Sam Vanga on 24 January 2012

#meme15 – Use. Twitter. Why?

Should an average Jane or Joe professional use twitter?



Because, I’m using it.

Not enough reasons? <grumpy face> I knew you wouldn’t buy this.

Okay, allow me to present why you should:


You might be thinking, “I’m neither an author nor do i have… Read more

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Posted in Sam Vanga on 16 January 2012

FIRST_VALUE() Analytic Function–SQL Server 2012

Given a customer table:

(CustId INT, OrderDate DATE, OrderAmount MONEY) ;

(1, ’2011-12-03′, 12500)
, (
1, ’2011-10-07′, 15000)
, (
1, ’2011-09-12′, 16000)
, (
2, ’2011-07-11′,… Read more

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Posted in Sam Vanga on 10 January 2012

Management Studio Split Tabs

This is by far the simplest and silliest post ever, but i just figured how to create vertical tabs in management studio. When I learn something, you have to read it. I apologize, but you have to read it. As Ellen DeGeneres says, “if I see something… you have to… Read more

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Posted in Sam Vanga on 3 January 2012